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Maybe never 🖕

You can take better portraits by holding a white balloon in front of your camera’s flash. A photography duo demonstrated the technique on YouTube by showing how the balloon diffuses the light, creating softer and more flattering portraits.

Photo : Koldunov Brothers / YouTube

If you’re trying to choose your best photo for a profile picture, have someone else pick it for you. Studies show that when people chose photos they thought made them look attractive, trustworthy, or confident, strangers usually disagreed. Because you’re more familiar with your own face, your ability to be objective is skewed, and the pictures you select don’t always convey what you want them to.

A wildlife photographer who was bitten by a black mamba captured the bite on camera and survived without antivenom. The bite ruptured an artery in his calf which bled profusely expelling the venom from the wound. 

Photo : Mark Laita / wired

Carl McCunn, a wildlife photographer who arranged to be flown out to remote Alaskan wilderness but forgot to schedule when he’d be picked up. He wrote about a plane spotting him stranded, in his excitement he accidentally gave the pilot an “All is well” signal, his diary was found with his body.

Kodak invented the digital camera in 1975 but hid the invention because they feared it would jeopardize photographic film sales.

Conservation champion Steve Irwin’s 14-year-old son is an award-winning wildlife photographer.