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Uruguay’s Laguna Garzon Bridge splits into a circle so drivers can slow down and enjoy the view. It also prevents head-on collisions and creates a walkway for pedestrians. (source)

Photo : Jimmy Baikovicius from Montevideo, Uruguay / Flickr

In the Town Barrow located in Alaska, the Sun sets November 18 and rise on January 23. Between this period there is total darkness for 67 days.

Photo :  Unknown / wikimedia

There is an Indian village named “Piplantri,” which celebrates the birth of every girl child by planting 111 trees.

New Mexico was not named after the nation of Mexico, but rather after the Aztec Valley of Mexico…in 1563, more than 250 years before Mexico became a nation.

Photo :  Famartin / wikimedia

The “Sky Beam” that shoots out of the Luxor Hotel/Casino in Las Vegas attracts so many insects that it has established a new ecosystem of moths, bats, and beetles.

For anyone dreaming of a simple life, you may want to consider moving to Giethoorn, Netherlands. This idyllic village has no roads, and the only access is by water over the many beautiful canals or on foot over its wooden arch bridges.

There is a beach with light powdery Pink Sand in Harbour Island, Bahamas.

The city of Whynot, North Carolina has it’s name because as residents were arguing over a name for the city, some bloke stood up and said “Why not name the town Why Not and let’s go home?” And so they did.

Photo : Donald Lee Pardue/flickr

There is a waterfall in a park in New York which curtains an ‘eternal flame’ – a natural gas leak which visitors keep lit all year round.

Photo Credit: Mpmajewski