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A Spanish town mailed dog poop back to offenders. A team of volunteers looked for careless dog owners and struck up conversations to learn the dog’s name, which made it possible to identify the owner via pet records and mail back the poop, labeled “Lost Property.” Violations dropped by 70%.

Volunteers in Madrid watched for dog owners who didn’t pick up their dog’s poop and gathered the owner’s information by chatting until they had enough info to look up their addresses at the town hall. They then sent the poop to the owners’ homes with “lost and found” labels. According to Mayor Borja Gutiérrez, “It’s your dog poop. We are just returning it to you.”

The nerve endings in your rectal area help distinguish the difference between farts and poop…but sometimes these nerves can get confused.

Too much grape soda will make your poop turn blue.

Photo : Pink Sherbet Photography / Flickr / wikimedia

One reason cats bury poop is to avoid disputes. Dominant cats poop out in the open to claim authority, while others bury theirs to avoid problems. If your cat doesn’t bury it, it may be a sign of illness, or it might just be telling you who’s in charge.

According to his official biography, Kim Jong-II never pooped or urinated.

There is a service called sendshit that will anonymously ship your enemies a quart or gallon of cow, elephant or gorilla shit.

You can sell your poop for $13k per year and help science.

People have died from pooping too hard.

In WWII, Germans tank drivers in Africa would drive tanks over camel poop for luck. Allies responded by planting land mines disguised as camel dung. Germans got wind of this and began riding over dung that was already overrun with tank tracks. In turn, Allies made mines looking like overrun dung. source

image via wikimedia