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After visiting a prison in Norway that treated prisoners humanely, a warden from North Dakota went back and reformed her prison based on Norway’s model. It later saw sharp decline in violence against inmates and threats against staff.

In the United Kingdom, several prisons have restaurants that are fully run by inmates at the prison, including chefs and waiters. These restaurants are also open to the public and some of them rank highly on TripAdvisor.

At a prison facility in Nuuk, Greenland some inmates reportedly hold the keys to their own cells (to afford them privacy), and others may leave the premises during the day to go to work or school. Perhaps surprisingly, inmates are even allowed to go hunting with rifles to shoot birds and seals.

In 1975, Joel Kaplan escaped from a prison in Mexico without breaking a single law. He didn’t bribe or assault the guards since they were on a break, the helicopter and plane used in his breakout were bought legally, his flight followed FAA guidelines, and he entered the US with his real name. 


Photo : sinembargo / Mirror

Thailand used to have a prison called “Khuk Khi Kai,” or “Chicken poop prison.” The first floor of the prison contained prisoners, and the second floor was a large chicken coop. The grated floor ensured that prisoners were constantly subjected to chicken poop.

A prison in Washington has created a program called Cuddly Catz, where prisoners are given a cat, which would otherwise probably be euthanized, to care for.

Two brothers from a set of triplets fooled prison authorities in Russia when one brother swapped places with the other to give him a brief taste of freedom. Rather than returning, the freed brother ran off with his brother’s girlfriend. It took years for the authorities to realize they had been duped.

At Norway’s maximum-security Halden Prison, prisoners are paid 53 kroner ($9) per day to leave their cells, which are equipped with a video game console, mini-fridge, and a window with no bars. Guard stations are tiny and cramped to encourage them to interact with the prisoners.

Photo : Justis- og politidepartementet / wikimedia

In Japan, lonely seniors are shoplifting in search of the community and stability of jail. These people often say they have no one to turn to when they need help.

Louis Armstrong was an avid pot smoker all his life. He was arrested for drug possession in New Orleans in 1930, and was jailed 9 days for it, but described marijuana as being “a thousand times better than whiskey”.

Photo :  Herbert Behrens / Anefo / wikimedia