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In the 1600s, a man who worked for

Queen Elizabeth

was so embarrassed after an accidental fart, that he left England for 7 years. When he returned, the Queen greeted him by saying, “My lord, I had forgot the fart”. 

In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II decided to not breed anymore corgis so that she would not leave any behind when she died. Her last corgi died in April 2018.

Photo : Charlie Dave / Flickr / wikimedia

Queen Elizabeth II has four drinks a day – a gin before lunch, wine during lunch, a dry martini with dinner, and a glass of champagne following dinner.

The day after 9-11, the Queen broke a 200 year old tradition and ordered the US National Anthem to be played during the changing of the guards at Buckingham Palace.

Photo : Presidencia de la República Mexicana / wikipedia

In 2015, Queen Elizabeth II became Britain’s longest-reigning monarch. She has been Queen since 1952, answered 3.5 million letters, outlasted 12 Prime Ministers, and owned more than 30 corgis throughout her reign. (source)