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A study revealed that the 54% of American dog owners are willing to end their relationship if their dog doesn’t like their partner.

In 2009, a man named Richard Batista found out his wife cheated on him and sued her to get back a kidney he had donated to her— or $1.5 million in exchange for it.

If a female fish sees her lover lose a fight, she loses interest.

Studies show that happy couples are less likely to post about their partners on social media, and those who post more often tend to feel insecure about their relationship.

More than 70% of people can determine your sexual attitudes just by looking at your face. However, if you happen to be a man with a large nose, square jaw, and small eyes or a woman with large lips and wide eyes, they’re more likely to suspect you’re into short-term relationships, one-night stands, and sex without love.

Quirkyalone’ is a term for people who enjoy being alone and single while waiting for the right person instead of dating casually.

Fictional characters might not be real, but our relationships with them are. Studies show it’s difficult for our brains to distinguish between our familiarity with characters on TV and our personal relationships with real people. The effect is so strong that just thinking about watching your favorite TV show can make you feel less lonely.

Almost 50 percent of all murdered women are killed by their romantic partners.

People who are genuinely happy in their relationships usually don’t post about it on social media. Studies show that someone who’s always gushing about their partner on Facebook is tied to how insecure they are in their relationship – while those who are more secure spend time enjoying their relationships instead of trying to convince other people (and themselves) how happy they are.

There was a tradition in Norway, Denmark, particularly on the Faroe Islands, where a girl would present her boyfriend a “willy warmer” (also known as cock sock) to see how seriously he took their relationship. If the gift was rejected, it was seen as evidence that he was not ready for marriage.

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