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In the United Kingdom, several prisons have restaurants that are fully run by inmates at the prison, including chefs and waiters. These restaurants are also open to the public and some of them rank highly on TripAdvisor.

A 1996 federal law allows restaurants to donate leftover food without getting sued, and nobody has ever filed a lawsuit against a restaurant over donated leftovers.

A guy made a fictional restaurant the #1 restaurant in London by using trip advisor and fake reviews. He then set up tables in his yard and served microwaved food. The customers gave excellent feedback.

When Gordon Ramsay filmed one of his cooking shows in a prison, he challenged an inmate to an onion chopping competition. The inmate won. When he was released from prison, Ramsay hired him to work in one of his restaurants in London.

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There’s a restaurant in New York called Enoteca Maria that doesn’t employ chefs but employs grandmas. Every day a different grandma from around the world designs a fresh menu, honoring her native cuisine.

In 2015, a tiny Tokyo restaurant with only nine seats became the first ramen restaurant in the world to obtain a Michelin star.

When the 24/7 restaurant Denny’s decided to close for Christmas in 1988, many stores realized that they didn’t have any keys, or even locks, since they never used them. 700 of the 1221 restaurants needed to get new locks installed for the holiday.

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Restaurant Built Inside An Italian Cave Let’s You Dine With Breathtaking Views.

A New Orleans restaurant has been owned by the same family since 1840. Antoine’s, famous for Oyster Rockefeller and Baked Alaska, has had five generations of the family run it, and a sixth is preparing to take over. It is the US’s oldest continuously family-run restaurant.

Restaurant in Montreal offers free food to those who can’t afford to pay. “It doesn’t matter, because at night if you still have leftover food you end up throwing it out, so why not give to those in need?” said chef Abdelkader Bejaoui.