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A Russian scientist researching at Russia’s Antarctic station allegedly stabbed and injured a colleague who kept revealing the endings of books he was reading.

After her husband was killed by Nazis, a Ukrainian woman bought and drove a T-34 tank and named it ‘Fighting Girlfriend’, then went on a rampage. She took out several German anti-tank guns and machine gun nests before getting hit, they promoted her to the rank of Sergeant and later made her a Hero of the Soviet Union posthumously.

She wrote to Stalin:

My husband was killed in action defending the motherland. I want revenge on the fascist dogs for his death and for the death of Soviet people tortured by the fascist barbarians. For this purpose, I’ve deposited all my personal savings – 50,000 rubles – to the National Bank in order to build a tank. I kindly ask to name the tank ‘Fighting Girlfriend’ and to send me to the frontline as a driver of said tank.

Alexander Solonik, a Russian hitman who was known for using a pistol in each hand, killing over 30 Russian mafia bosses, and escaping from prison three times. source

image via wikipedia