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In 2015, two Buddhists who bought £5,000 of live Crustacea and released them into the sea for good karma, were fined £15,000 for ‘untold damage’ to the environment by introducing non-native species.

Their ritual was performed in the belief that returning animals to the wild is good karma. But because the crustaceans were not native species, they threatened other marine life and government agencies had to spend thousands of pounds in an attempt to recapture the shellfish, offering fishermen a bounty to reel them in.

In 2012, a scientific study predicted a 39 inch rise in sea level along the North Carolina coast over the next century. In response, North Carolina lawmakers passed a law banning the use of scientific predictions of sea level rise when considering new developments along the coast.

Breast milk once saved 16 people lost at sea. 2 days after their food ran out, a woman told her sister to try her milk. She felt better and offered it to everyone else. The 8 men and 7 women took turns sucking her breasts and were able to survive for 7 more days until currents pushed the boat to shore.

Photo : Jengod / wikipedia

There is a group of wolves in British Columbia aptly called the “sea wolves” that gets most of its food from the sea, and will even swim up to 8 miles to reach islands for food.

A man, after surviving 33 days lost at sea, finally came ashore by chance on the Marshall Islands only to discover that his uncle, believed lost at sea 50 years ago, had washed ashore on the same island and started a family there.

Clint Eastwood was in a plane which crashed into the sea. He and the pilot escaped the sinking aircraft and swam 3 miles to safety. source

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