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A middle school in Dallas organized a “Breakfast with Dads” event and then realized some students lacked father figures. So, the school made a Facebook post asking for 50 volunteers. The next morning, 600 men showed up to help out.

In Dubai, it is illegal to swear on social media. Swearing on WhatsApp is punishable by a $68,061 fine and imprisonment. In 2015, an Australian expatriate was deported from UAE for swearing on Facebook in a post criticizing the owner of a car that was taking up two handicap parking spots.

Black cats have suffered from an image problem since the Middle Ages, when they were first associated with witchcraft. Now they are being adopted less because they don’t photograph well in selfies and on social media.

When it rains, people publish more negative posts on Facebook. Each negative post negatively affects one to two other people. The negative post spreads like contagion, negatively affecting people’s moods in cities without rainfall. Social networks magnify the synchronization of global moods.

Studies show that happy couples are less likely to post about their partners on social media, and those who post more often tend to feel insecure about their relationship.

People who are genuinely happy in their relationships usually don’t post about it on social media. Studies show that someone who’s always gushing about their partner on Facebook is tied to how insecure they are in their relationship – while those who are more secure spend time enjoying their relationships instead of trying to convince other people (and themselves) how happy they are.