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Terrified neighbors called the police over a domestic dispute in Australia. When the police arrived, they only found a man and a spider.

Photo : Tom Hickmore/Flickr

A mother black lace-weaver spider will drum on her web to call her babies to come and eat her alive.

Photo : AJC1 / Flickr

Even though they don’t have wings, spiders can fly for hundreds of miles (across entire oceans) on long strands of silk using Earth’s electric fields; it’s called “ballooning.” Spiders have been found two-and-a-half miles up in the air, and 1,000 miles out to sea.

Spiders don’t have muscles in their legs. They extend them using a system of hydraulics powered by their blood pressure. When they die, spiders’ legs curl up because the blood pressure is gone.

Spiders have a tiny “paw” at the end of their legs. It’s called a tarsus.

The Wrap-around Spider, indigenous to Australia, can flatten and wrap its body around tree limbs like a camouflage.

Photo : dustaway / Flickr

Some spiders disguise themselves as ants by pretending their two front legs are antennae. More than 300 species of spiders are known to mimic the outward appearance of ants, a phenomenon called myrmecomorphy.

Photo : Yogendra Joshi / Flickr

Male spiders give female spiders gifts of prey wrapped in silk to increase mating success. Wrapping the gift in silk prevents the female from stealing it without copulating and sometimes conceals that the gift is just random trash.

Photo :  Fir0002 / wikimedia

Roughly 2200 people are bitten by Black Widow spiders in the US each year. Zero of these recorded bites in the last century have resulted in fatalities.

Photo : Bloomingdedalus

Mazda had to recall 52k cars due to a species of spider loving the smell of gasoline so much it chose to build its web in the cars emission systems.

The affected model, the Mazda6, has two pipes coming out from its gas tank, which is extremely rare and means that the smell of gasoline is strong enough to draw the spider in but not strong enough to kill it.

Photo : Autocar