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Employees are more likely to steal from their workplace than the customers who shop there are.

You are less likely to die during an economic depression. This is mostly attributed to cleaner air, reduced traffic, and fewer dollars spent on vices like tobacco and alcohol.

A study finds that stem cells can restore sufficient erectile function in men with erectile dysfunction.

A study found that it’s more stressful to be a waiter than a neurosurgeon.

According to a study from UC Berkeley, the most successful marriages were those where the wife was able to calm down quickly after arguments – The husbands’ emotional regulation had little to no bearing on long-term satisfaction.

A study in Canada found that people now have a shorter attention span than goldfish, just 8 seconds.

A New York University study found that people with easier-to-pronounce names have higher-status positions at work.

10 percent of Americans have never left the state they were born, and 40 percent of Americans have never left the country.

A University of Edinburgh study has found that intelligent people are 30% more likely to have genes related to poor eyesight.

A study found that the more expensive your wedding is, the shorter your marriage is likely to last.