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Philip Gale, a child prodigy committed suicide at age 19, jumping from a classroom’s window. Before jumping he wrote on the blackboard Newton’s equation for how an object accelerates as it falls, along with a sketch of a stick figure tossing a chair. He signed it, “Phil was here”

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When Steve Fugate lost his 2 children to suicide and overdose, he hiked across the U.S. for 12 years with a sign that said “Love Life” to remind people that they can overcome life’s hardships with the right mindset.

Gary Webb, the reporter from the San Jose Mercury News who first broke the story of CIA involvement in the cocaine trade, was found dead with “two gunshot wounds to the head.” His death, in 2004, was ruled a suicide.

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A man who survived a jump from the Golden Gate Bridge but broke his back on impact was saved from drowning by a sea lion who kept him afloat until rescuers could reach him.

In April 1998, two women walked onto The Golden Gate Bridge at the same time intending to commit suicide. They did not know each other but soon realized they were there for the same reason. A patrol officer saw them sitting on the railing, chatting. Finally, one jumped and was quickly followed by the other.

Michael Phelps considered suicide after the 2012 Summer Olympics. He started the Michael Phelps Foundation to help other people with mental illness.

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A man who once committed suicide by jumping from the Golden Gate Bridge left a suicide note that read “I’m going to walk to the bridge. If one person smiles at me on the way, I won’t jump.”

In 1993, a sniper shot the gun that was in the hands of a man trying to commit suicide with it and saved his life.

Rapper T.I., not once, but twice has successfully intervened and talked someone down while they were in the middle of a suicide attempt.

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Angelina Jolie once tried to hire a hitman to kill her, because she felt that a murder would be easier on her family than her committing suicide. The would-be-hitman talked her out of it by asking her to wait a month.

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