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As late as 1985, doctors believed babies didn’t feel pain and conducted surgeries with no anesthesia.

In 1901, a doctor was told mid-surgery that he was needed urgently elsewhere, to which he responded that he could not leave “even for the President of the United States”. He was then told he needed to operate on William McKinley, the President of the United States. The doctor maintained his claim and actually didn’t leave.

To demonstrate the sharpness of stone tools, Archaeologist Dr. Adrien Hannus elected to have major surgery done with obsidian blades rather than surgical steel scalpels. Obsidian is the sharpest substance known to mankind.

CNN medical correspondent and neurosurgeon Sanjay Gupta saved a Marine’s life after he was shot in the head during the opening days of the invasion of Iraq. Without proper tools, Gupta performed the brain surgery with a Black and Decker handheld drill. The Marine lived.

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