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An 11-year-old girl in Nova Scotia wasn’t allowed to swim in a local river, so the girl tested the water and confirmed it had unsafe levels of fecal contamination. Her findings prompted the government to spend $15 million in fixing the problem. (source)

Photo : LaHave River, Stella’s Science Project / Facebook

2000 Olympics gold medal winner, swimmer Antony Ervin decided to retire at 22. It didn’t go so well, as he begun abusing drugs. However, in 2011 he got back into swimming, and at the 2016 Olympics became the oldest swimmer to win a gold medal. (source)

Photo : JD Lasica from Pleasanton, CA, US / wikimedia

Devin Gaines earned 5 bachelor degrees with honors simultaneously at the University of Connecticut, averaging 24 credits a semester and 3 hours of sleep a night. He drowned in 2007 because he didn’t know how to swim.

Mark Spitz, nine-time Olympic champion, jokingly told the Russian swim team coach in 1972 that his mustache increased his swimming speed by deflecting water away from his mouth. The next year, every Russian swimmer was sporting one. (source)

There is a mutation that causes bones to become 8 times denser than normal that allow people to walk away from car accidents without a single fracture but with a trade-off of being unable to swim.

Lewis Pugh, an endurance swimmer who’s known for swimming in the world’s coldest waters, can raise his core body temperature by almost 2 degrees C in anticipation of entering freezing water. A sport scientist coined the term “anticipatory thermogenesis” to describe the unique ability.

Photo : Lewispugh / wikimedia

There are tea bags that are made to look like a goldfish swimming in your mug.

Running back, Joe Delaney, who could not swim, died attempting to save three children from drowning.

Delaney had a lifelong history of helping others, and once paid for the funeral of a former teacher whose family could not afford a proper service.

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The richest man in India built a $1 billion building which has 27 stories, a gym, a dance studio, multiple swimming pools, a 50-seat cinema, nine elevators, a space for 160 vehicles, and three helipads. His 600 staff live there.

The hairy chest swimsuits comes with the slogan: ‘Make the pool boy say “WTF!”