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The individual animal with the most human kills ever was a tiger from Northern India, which adjusted its hunting strategy to kill people after a tooth injury left it unable to hunt normal prey and was shot after an estimated 436 kills.

In the 1980’s, people living on the borders of forests in India and Bangladesh were issued plastic face masks to wear on the back of their heads. Tiger attacks virtually stopped because the tigers thought people were looking at them when their backs were turned.

Photo : Rahulsharma photography

Currently, India is the only country on Earth confirmed to have both lions and tigers in its wilderness.

In Russia in 1997, a poacher shot and wounded a tiger and stole part of its recent kill. The tiger later found the poacher’s cabin, waited at least 12 hours for him come home, then killed and ate him.

This is ‘Benjamin,’ the last known surviving Tasmanian Tiger. He was placed in the Beaumaris Zoo in 1933, died in 1936, and the thylacine species was declared extinct in 1982. (They’re also known as the Tasmanian Wolf.)