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Scientist grew trees in a sealed biosphere and couldn’t work out why they fell over before they matured. They eventually figured out whilst they provided the perfect growing environment, it was lacking wind which provides the stress to ensure the trees grew strong enough to support themselves.  (source)

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Old Tjikko, one of the oldest tree in the world. Its root system is estimated to be 9,561 years old. The man who discovered the tree, Leif Kullman gave the tree its nickname “Old Tjikko” after his late dog. (source)

Photo :  Karl Brodowsky / wikimedia

Germany has the only tree in the world with its own mailing address. It’s known as the Bridegroom’s Oak, and it receives about 1,000 letters per year from singles looking for love. Anyone can take letters from the tree and respond. It’s estimated the tree is responsible for over 100 marriages.

Despite being over 400 years old and enduring a nuclear explosion, this little bonsai tree just keeps on growing. Planted in 1625, it lived only 2 miles from the drop site of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima in 1945. It was given as a gift to the United States in 1976 and is now housed at the National Arboretum, where it still continues to thrive.

A couple decided to rebuild their deserted piece of land of 600 hectares in Aimorés, Brazil. They planted more than 2 million tree saplings. As a result, the site has 293 plant species, 172 bird species and 33 animal species, some of which were on the verge of extinction. Took 18 years.

Sweden is actually increasing forest biomass despite being the second largest exporter of paper in the world because they plant 3 trees for each 1 they cut down.

Trees in forests have an underground communication and interaction system driven by fungal networks. “Mother trees” pass on information for best growth patterns and can divert nutrients to trees in need, and they are more likely to pass them on to trees of their own species.

There was a tree found at ground zero a month after 9/11 in the rubble with snapped roots and burned and broken branches. New York Parks and Recreation nursed it back to health and planted it where the towers stood in 2010. Today it marks survival, resilience and rebirth.

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The Christmas tree tradition at Rockefeller Center began in 1931 when construction workers pooled their money to buy a tree. They decorated it with tin cans and garlands made by their families.

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For the last 10+ years, 2 disabled men in China, one without arms and the other without sight, have been planting trees together and have so far planted more than 10,000.