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In 2014, an 89 year old WW2 veteran, Bernard Shaw went missing from his nursing home. It turned out that he went to Normandy for the 70th anniversary of D-Day landings against the nursing home’s orders. He left the home wearing a grey mack concealing the war medals on his jacket. (source)

There’s a cemetery in the Netherlands consisting of 8,300 US veterans who died in WWII. For the past 70 years, Dutch families have come to the cemetery every Sunday to care for a grave they adopted. Hundreds of people are currently on a waiting list to become caretakers.

Photo : U.S. Embassy The Hague / flickr

The double-leg amputee war veteran in the film Battleship is played by an actual double-leg amputee war veteran.

A New Jersey woman who was helped by a homeless man after she ran out of gas on an interstate in Philadelphia raised more than $60,000 for the good Samaritan. The homeless man walked a few blocks and bought her some with his last $20.

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The Hammer of Thor is an approved religious symbol for veteran gravestones in the US and two soldiers have such headstones.
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Jack MacDonald, a 98 year old secret philanthropist, war veteran and lawyer lived the life of a poor person and saved all his money to donate to charity after his death. He donated 188 million dollars to 3 Washington institutions after his death at age 98.


Veteran big game hunter Theunis Botha dies during a hunt when an elephant, felled by gunfire, collapses on him.

The tombstone of U.S. Air Force veteran and gay rights activist Leonard Matlovich states this: “When I was in the military, they gave me a medal for killing two men and a discharge for loving one”. source

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Despite being on hard times, One of the US most decorated war veterans repeatedly turned down offers to appear in Alcohol and Tobacco commercials because he knew it would be a bad role model for young people. The soldier, Audie Murphy, had won every single US Army Award for combat in WWII. source

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