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Japanese vending machines are operated to dispense drinking water free of charge when the water supply gets cut off during a disaster.

You steadily “dry out” as you age. A newborn human baby is 75 percent water, adult men are about 60 percent, adult women 55 percent, and elderly people are roughly half.

A bidet is considered a key green technology and uses significantly less water, electricity, and wood than a single roll of toilet paper.

A Czech brewery uses crayfish to ensure the purity of its water supply. The crayfish are fitted with tiny sensors which monitor heart rate and movement to detect when the animals react to impurities in the water.

The water in both tanks is from the same time and place. The tank on the right has oysters. An adult oyster can filter and clean up to 50 gallons of water per day.

Photo : Maryland Seafood

Portland drained and discarded 38 million gallons of treated water because a drunk teen urinated in it.

Photo : Reuters/ Steve Dipaola

This is a water bubble known as “Ooho”. If you put it in your mouth, it dissolves, eliminating the need for plastic bottles. This is the future of drinking water.
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New York City is one of four major cities in the United States whose drinking water is pure enough not to require purification by water treatment plants. The city is supplied with drinking water by the protected Catskill Mountains watershed.

A single drop of seawater, magnified 25 times.

The ‘Drinkable book’ is an instruction manual that not only teaches people how to clean their water, but is also made of removable pages coated in silver nano-particles that filter contaminated water and kill over 99% of bacteria, and the whole book can last about four years.