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In 1944, Claude Hensinger, an American serviceman, jumped out of his burning aircraft over war-torn Japan, deployed his parachute and eventually found his way to safety. After the war, his fiancée used material from the parachute to make her wedding gown.

A study found that the more expensive your wedding is, the shorter your marriage is likely to last.

A proud father who has 400+ daughters. Mahesh Savani from Gujarat is well known for his humanitarian works. He bore all expenses of weddings of over 400 girls from all religions, who had no father. He did all a father does for his daughter.

Several people in the US have married themselves, as part of a self-empowerment movement that started in 2000. Sometimes they even have a wedding reception and take themselves on a honeymoon. Advocates say it acts as a coming–of-age ritual for single people.

A Swiss couple in the Maldives paid £820 to have their wedding vows renewed in the native Dhivehi language. When the wedding video was posted to YouTube, the subtitles revealed that the minister had actually been insulting them, calling them “infidels” and their children “bastard swine”.

In 2012, John and Frances Canning invited the Queen of England to their wedding as a joke and she showed up. –source

In South Korea, the number of guests at a wedding is so important that “fake guest” agencies exist. source

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Cristiano Ronaldo bought his agent a whole Greek Island as a wedding present. source

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