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In 1971 Geologists lit a cavern of natural gas on fire; they had hoped it would burn out in a few days. Forty years later, it’s still on fire. (source)

It is also known as the Door to Hell or Gates of Hell.

Photo : Tormod Sandtorv / wikimedia

Unique case of Fake Persian Princess Mummy – Unexplained Mysteries:

The Persian Princess or Persian Mummy is a mummy of an
alleged Persian princess who surfaced in Pakistani Baluchistan in
October 2000. After considerable attention and further investigation,
the mummy proved to be an archaeological forgery and possibly a murder

Mimosa pudica’s leaves fold inward and droop when touched or shaken, to defend themselves from harm, and re-open a few minutes later.

Photo : Lalithamba / Flickr

Cordyceps is a genus of parasitic fungi that grows on the larvae of insects. When these fungi attack their host, they replace its tissue and sprout long, slender stems that grow outside the host’s body.

Photo : Erich G. Vallery, USDA Forest Service