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Maybe never 🖕

Recently, an 8-year-old Chinese boy walked approximately 3 miles (4,8
km) to his Zhuanshanbao Primary School in the township of Xinjie in
Yunnan Province, China. In 16°F (-9°C) cold. To take an exam. After his
trek went viral, people started contacting the school, trying to
contribute in any way they could to improve learning conditions for him
and other students.

Fu Heng, the headmaster of the primary school,
could not believe his eyes. Upon arrival, his student had icicles
instead of his hair and eyebrows, contrasting with his burning red
cheeks. Heng snapped a picture of the little fellow, marking the
beginning of this crazy story. The internet has dubbed him as “Ice Boy,”
and soon the school has received more than $15,000 in donations, 20
heating equipment and 144 warm set of clothes.

“It was the first
day of their final exams,” Heng said. “The temperatures dropped to minus
nine degrees Celsius in about 30 minutes that morning.” The headmaster
claimed the boy lives far away from the school. Heng also noted that he
is considered as the “class clown”, constantly finding ways to make his
16 classmates die of laughter. It’s crazy to think the boy maintains a
positive attitude, despite living in extreme poverty and spending most
of the time with his sister and grandma only.

According to Fu, the
school tries to watch over him and others as much as it can, providing
them with breakfast but admitted that their classrooms weren’t properly
heated due to a lack of funding. Moved by the boy’s will, people on the
internet hope he can build himself a better life if he continues to put
his education first. (Source)

The world is running out of sand.