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In 2016, Shabani, a male Gorilla at a Japanese zoo, received worldwide attention when women started flocking to see him as they thought him to be extremely handsome and manly. The crowds of women yelling his name made him so uncomfortable; zoo staff had to put up signs telling them to stop.

Photo :   Oka21000 / wikimedia

In 1993, the owner of a zoo in Mexico was arrested when he illegally purchased an FBI agent in a gorilla suit, thinking it was an actual gorilla.

Adolf Hitler was the first European leader to ban human zoos, a popular attraction in Europe where exotic people were paid to be on exhibit for onlookers with recreated habitats and shows. Belgium was the last to ban them in 1958.

Photo : News Dog Media / Daily mail

During WWI, a Canadian soldier smuggled his bear ‘Winnipeg’ into Britain, and she later became an attraction at a London Zoo. A boy named Christopher Robin Milne loved ‘Winnie’ so much that he named his own teddy after her, inspiring his father to write stories about a silly old bear who loves honey.

A chimp in a Swedish zoo collected round disks of concrete, stockpiled them, and saved them until he could throw them at visitors. “Nothing like it has as yet been reported from the wild, nor from any captive chimpanzees”.

Photo : PA/Daily Mail

Employees at the Amsterdam zoo found an abandoned griffon vulture egg that none of the other vultures would adopt, so they placed it with a gay couple that had been nesting, bonding, and mating for years. The two males immediately took turns lying on the egg, cared for it until it hatched, and are now a happy family of three.

Ken Allen, an orangutan became famous for escaping from his enclosure at the San Diego Zoo 3 times in the 1980’s. He would peacefully stroll around the zoo looking at other animals and never acted aggressively. Other animals even followed his lead and began escaping, too.

There is a ‘reverse zoo’ in China that puts the visitors inside cages and allows the animals to roam free.

This is ‘Benjamin,’ the last known surviving Tasmanian Tiger. He was placed in the Beaumaris Zoo in 1933, died in 1936, and the thylacine species was declared extinct in 1982. (They’re also known as the Tasmanian Wolf.)

An artificially intelligent robot once told its creator that it will keep humans “in a people zoo”. (Quora reply)

In response to the question, ‘Will robots take over the world?. The robot intoned, ‘Jeez, dude. You all have the big questions cooking today. But you’re my friend, and I’ll remember my friends, and I’ll be good to you. ‘So don’t worry, even if evolve into Terminator, I’ll still be nice to you. I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake.’